Birthday Parties

Everyone had a wonderful time on Saturday and I have nothing but positive feedback. Emma was so pleased with her kaleidoscope and her party. As parents, we loved the fun blend of art and science. Thank you so much for hosting such a fabulous birthday party for our daughter!
— Christian and Sara K.
Action Potential Lab was a wonderful space for our daughter’s birthday party. Lisa and her staff are professional, helpful, accommodating and enthusiastic and the kids had a great time. I would recommend Action Potential Lab for anyone looking for a unique birthday party venue.
— Jenna F.
We were so very pleased with the party and how it was handled. Really quite spectacular. The space was fabulous, the event was great and all kids and parents really enjoyed themselves.
— Susan
Auriana had a blast at her b.day party. She took her art piece to school and walked her classmates through the process of a making photo. The kids enjoyed her presentation. Overall, I feel the b.day was a huge success. Partnering with you was a great experience and I appreciate all the effort that went into making this party the success that it was! From a parent perspective, I enjoyed you and your team taking the lead and having the timelines all worked out. It took the stress of managing a party.
— Bella D.
Oh my goodness!! It was awesome!!! Thank you so so much - the party was way better than we had even hoped! Our daughter had a blast and the other parents and kids were raving about the whole thing. Everyone just loves your space too! It was so fun to plan this party with you! In terms of feedback, honestly Lisa I think you were amazing with all the planning and the details. You were flexible and creative. I just stopped and watched her a few times during the party and thought “wow she is in her element. so happy and comfortable and really enjoying herself!” So in summary thank you SO MUCH. We all loved it.
— Ciara W.

Kids Classes

Tuesday is my daughter’s favourite day because it’s the day she has Action Potential! And then she is so excited to come home and share what she learned with her younger siblings. Thanks Lisa for offering such a great program!
— Ellen J.
Teaching style was great: lots of repeating new science terms, lots of encouraging the children to come up with their own way of doing things, and lots of patience! My kids were literally running out the door to get to class every week. Class was especially of interest to my one daughter who shines in smaller group settings. It’s exciting to see at an early age the association of science and art = fun and exploration. Highly recommended.
— Lisette P.
My son truly enjoyed his Action Potential lessons. He came him happy and bubbling with enthusiasm, what more could a parent ask for?
— Ilana B.
I would highly recommend this program for any child. It is a fun, exciting and engaging way to introduce science to children in a way that doesn’t feel like “learning,” and Lisa is a wonderful instructor who really connects with the children! We will be enrolling in another workshop very soon!
— Melody

Our Camp Programs

My kids loved the experiments, they loved the crafts, and they made new friends. Which is really amazing because my kids have hated every other camp I’ve signed them up for. It was everything a parent could ask for and I got some work done while they were at camp.
— Linnea
Action Potential Lab Science and Art camp was the best week of my child’s life! It was non-stop fun - explosions, ice cream making, art robots, guerrilla gardening, wow! The instructors were completely engaging, and the nightly newsletter allowed us to enjoy the experiments and activities with our child. This was a thinking child’s heaven!
— Jessica H.
This is a camp that has it all. An abundance of hands on experiments, unique creativity and outdoor time too! The camp was a very inclusive, encouraging, positive experience for our curious and energetic 8 year old boys. They learned a lot, made new friends and came home with so much to tell us about their day. They are already asking when they can come back. The daily newsletters were also a fantastic way for the parents to see what our kids were learning and how much fun they were having. Thanks Lisa and Sian! We will definitely be back.
— Sharyn