About the Lab

Action Potential Lab is Toronto’s first laboratory dedicated to merging science and art. It is here where the teachings of both fields interact and exchange by way of classes, workshops, birthday parties, lecture series and various community outreach programs.

Why science + art?

The notion of science and art throughout history has shared a paralleled relationship, but in recent years, there has been a divide. Action Potential Lab is dedicated to merging the two fields as a way to encourage novel ways of knowing and understanding the world around us. Based on a collaborative learning-teaching model, we view all projects and endeavours with a researcher’s lens. Classes are encouraged to work at the intersect between these two fields. Our laboratory is open to curious people of all ages.

What is 'Action Potential' ?

The scientific term Action Potential means cell to cell communication. It is that electric moment, the impulse, when a message is being sent down a cell. In addition to its scientific meaning, we see Action Potential as a forum to activate your potential for creativity. At Action Potential Lab, we use our brains. 

Meet Our Team

Our Lab Director

Lisa Carrie Goldberg is the founder and Lab Director of Action Potential Lab. She designed the lab as a community space for the merging of material matter found in both science and art, as a way to enhance Toronto’s creative potential.

Lisa has completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interrelated Media at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, learning techniques in sculpture, weaving, film and photography. She has a Masters of Science in Biological Arts from SymbioticA, a research facility dedicated to art, technology and the life sciences at The University of Western Australia (the only university program of its kind in the world). It was here that Lisa got to experience what it meant to do research at the intersection of science and art, by studying topics in sleep science, tissue culture, physiology and molecular biology.

As a lifelong academic, she has a certificate in Graphic Design and a Certificate in Teaching and has taught grades K-5, grades 6-8 and post-secondary art education, in the public and private school systems, in university settings and in independent art schools.


Our Educators


Tanya Brekelmans, Lead Educator

In charge of much of the program development at the Lab, Tanya LOVES to learn about the world around her and seeks to understand how and why things work.

With a Bachelor of Science in both Physics and Astronomy/Astrophysics from the University of Toronto, Tanya strives to ignite that curiosity in all lab-goers young and old.

With her passions lying in music and astronomy, Tanya thrives when she can bring her interests into her teaching and inspires for young kids to discover their own.


Jamayca Whalen, Educator

Fibre arts fanatic, avid outdoorswoman, and neuroscience nerd, Jamayca enjoys blurring the lines between science and art. She encourages her students to see the natural world as their laboratory.

Jamayca has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Education from the University of Toronto, where she developed a passion for inquiry-based learning that continues to inform her teaching and curriculum development.