In Lab Birthday PARTIES
THEMES for kids turning 8





Calling all architects and engineers!

Your birthday party crew has been hired to design and build a bridge that connects Canada and the USA. Following a brief introduction to basic elements of structural engineering, each child will get an opportunity to make their own bridge prototype. Once construction is complete, we’ll take an architectural gallery tour and conduct some testing to see if each bridge will allow cars to safely pass over. Each of your birthday guests will leave with their bridge prototype and an Action Potential Lab Master Inventor Certificate!



BOTTLE ROCKETS (Available from May to September)

Ground Control to Rocketeers! Ready for takeoff?

Spend your birthday party building Bottle Rockets with your friends at Action Potential Lab. We'll provide all of the materials necessary from drafting a prototype to the final launch of your very own homemade rocket. This party is designed for each of your guests to build their own rockets in the lab and then shoot off them off in the park across the street. All of your guests will go home with their very own rocket prototypes that they will be able to set up and launch over and over again at home.

cannon (1).png

RUBBER BAND CANNONS (Available from May to September)

Ready, aim, FIRE!

At this party, each kid will get to build their own rubber-band cannon and explore the physics of projectile motion. We’ll experiment with different materials to discover which ones would make the best projectiles and will also prototype different features to see which will help them travel farther. The guests will have the opportunity to use their newfound physics knowledge to design and create their own powerful, amazing cannons that they can take home. If the weather permits, we’ll go outside to test our cannons!

ice-cream (1).png


Who says that you can't play with your food?

In this birthday activity, we turn the lab into a kitchen and create homemade sorbet! The party involves a brief food science lesson and then right into some hands-on making. With some elbow grease and some shaking, rattling and rolling, each child will get to taste their creations during this delicious party.

chemical-reaction (1).png


As all great scientists and artists do, incredible things happen when you mix a bunch of solutions together.

In the Smelly Eruptions party, put on your science goggles, stand back, and watch an awesome, technicolor, foamy mess bubble forth. This party includes three different erupting experiments, from scented volcanoes to elephant’s toothpaste and bath bomb making. All of your party guests will leave with newfound chemistry knowledge and a container of homemade deliciously smelling bath bombs.

motherboard (1).png


What do pickles, play-dough and circuits all have in common? They are definitely a strange combo, but you’ll be able to find out during this birthday theme!

First we’ll learn about how circuits can be powered by pickles, yes you read that correctly, pickles. Then, we’ll move onto using play-dough as a way to connect a circuit together.  Finally, we’ll incorporate other electronic components such as LEDs and buzzers with craft materials such as feathers, pipe cleaners, straws and sticks to create marvellous illuminating pieces of electronic art. Each child will go home with their very own colourful electronic sculpture.



splash (1).png

***NEW FOR 2019***

This party is perfect for your slime connoisseur!

Did you know that slime is actually science, more specifically chemistry? In this party, your guests will start off by learning about polymers, molecules, and states of matter. They will then get the chance to make not one, but two different types of slime!

robotic (2).png


Has your child ever told you that they would like to build a robot? If you answered yes, then this is the birthday party theme for them!

During this party, each guest will get to build their own robotic drawing machine using electronic components (including a mini motor) and then decorate it a variety of craft and upcycled materials. The result will be a hilariously absurd robot that each child can take home and will be an endless source of fun!

idea (1).png


Welcome to the world of electronics and textiles!

In this birthday party, your guests will learn how to make soft electronic circuits using conductive thread, sewable electronic components, and fabric. Each child will stitch together a soft felt bookmark that they can take home to use to read that great novel in the dark! This party is a great introduction to sewing, design and circuitry.

Warning, this activity has been proven to impress!