In Lab Birthday PARTIES
THEMES for kids turning 6





Calling all architects and engineers!

Your birthday party crew has been hired to design and build a bridge that connects Canada and the USA. Following a brief introduction to basic elements of structural engineering, each child will get an opportunity to make their own bridge prototype. Once construction is complete, we’ll take an architectural gallery tour and conduct some testing to see if each bridge will allow cars to safely pass over. Each of your birthday guests will leave with their bridge prototype and an Action Potential Lab Master Inventor Certificate!



Bubble, fizz and erupt! These are the sounds you’ll hear all throughout this super fun, interactive birthday party. 

Following a brief introduction to the science behind volcanoes, each child will be led in a step-by-step process to build their own volcano diorama by making their own play-doh (wheat based), shaping it into a volcano, and then decorating it with craft materials that we provide. After the diorama has been complete, the group will learn what happens when acids and bases mix, as we use these materials create mini eruptions in our volcanos. All guests will get to take home their volcano dioramas for endless amounts of eruption fun.

crystal (1).png


This party is a great option for budding Geologists!

Together, we’ll admire the hidden wonders of the world of crystals and gemstones and talk about some of the science that makes crystals so mesmerizing.
After our discussion about crystals, we’ll get messy! Each child will a design and decorate a unique treasure box that will hold the two custom-coloured sparkly crystals that they will create. This crystal treasure box is great to show off to friends and family and a great addition to their bookcase collections!



This party theme is all about using our hands and brains to come up with brilliant, light-bulb worthy ideas.

Together we’ll learn all about the world of inventors, designers, and engineers, and then become them ourselves. Using a variety of art, craft and recycled materials, each child will create a prototype for an incredible invention that will to help someone or solve a problem. Does Grandma hate walking the six blocks to buy her weekly scratch ticket? What if she had a jetpack? Our inventors will let their imagination fly free. Kids will have access to a load of materials. We’ll sketch our ideas, build a 3D prototype, and demo our designs to the applause of the rest of the group. Each Kid Inventor will go home with their invention to place proudly on their bookshelf!






Buzz! Buzz! If your kiddo loves insects and electronics then this is the party for them!

During this birthday party, your guests will learn some awesome facts about glowing insects and then get the chance to make their own! We provide craft materials, batteries, light bulbs and electrically conductive tape, that each guest can use to build a circuit that lights-up and decorate a home for their insect.

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BOTTLE ROCKETS (Available from May to September)

Ground Control to Rocketeers! Ready for takeoff?

Spend your birthday party building Bottle Rockets with your friends at Action Potential Lab. We'll provide all of the materials necessary from drafting a prototype to the final launch of your very own homemade rocket. This party is designed for each of your guests to build their own rockets in the lab and then shoot off them off in the park across the street. All of your guests will go home with their very own rocket prototypes that they will be able to set up and launch over and over again at home.

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What does dry ice, oil, food colouring, water, Alka-Seltzer, soap and sparkles have to do with each other? And what happens if you were to mix them all together? This party theme is a great chance for your child to become a wizard or witch like Harry Potter or Hermione Granger!

We’ll start off the party with a series of exciting dry ice experiments that are guaranteed to be full of crackle, pop, colour, and crazy eruptions! After the demos, all of your birthday guests will get the chance to mix up their own potions that they will be able take home at the end of the party. Accio Fun!

ice-cream (1).png


Who says that you can't play with your food?

In this birthday activity, we turn the lab into a kitchen and create homemade sorbet! The party involves a brief food science lesson and then right into some hands-on making. With some elbow grease and some shaking, rattling and rolling, each child will get to taste their creations during this delicious party.

chemical-reaction (1).png


As all great scientists and artists do, incredible things happen when you mix a bunch of solutions together.

In the Smelly Eruptions party, put on your science goggles, stand back, and watch an awesome, technicolor, foamy mess bubble forth. This party includes three different erupting experiments, from scented volcanoes to elephant’s toothpaste and bath bomb making. All of your party guests will leave with newfound chemistry knowledge and a container of homemade deliciously smelling bath bombs.