Dissect & Draw:        Valentine's Day Edition

Cow Heart & Lungs

Do you miss high school dissections? You are not alone. Action Potential has the right biology class for you. And the best part is, no experience necessary, no lab report needed.

On Thursday, February 8th, join us in the lab for our adult workshop series, Dissect & Draw. We are kicking off the season with a two-part workshop featuring cow heart and lungs.

The first part of the workshop will be a hands-on exploration of the anatomy of a cow. We’re talking scalpels, scissors, tissue and scrubs. The second part of the workshop involves learning how to draw the anatomy led by a professional medical illustrator. You will leave this workshop with newfound knowledge and a drawing to show off to your friends.

9 out of 10 surgeons agree, this is awesome!

If you heart this workshop, don’t take too lung to sign up!

Skills you will learn to impress your friends:

  • internal anatomy of cow heart and lungs
  • tools and techniques of medical dissection
  • terminology
  • drawing techniques of medical illustration

All specimens have been ethically sourced for educational purposes. This workshop is not suitable for the squeamish or fainthearted. There will be blood.

Photo by HandmadePictures/iStock / Getty Images


Kim Auchinachie B.Sc., M.Sc.BMC
A love of science and art led Kim Auchinachie to the Masters of Science in Biomedical Communications program at the University of Toronto. She went on to work, in house, at two companies in Toronto that created brochures, posters, interface designs, and anatomical models for pharmaceutical companies. For the last 16 years she has been working as a freelance medical illustrator creating online medical education animations and illustrations, for dentists, surgeons, law firms and pharmaceutical companies, veterinarian pharmaceutical companies. Visit her website here


451 Christie St. Toronto, ON. M6G 3C7

Thursday, February 8, 2018

7:00-9:00 PM

19+ must bring a valid ID

What Action Potential Lab provides
all supplies and materials

Feel free to email us with any other questions

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Participants must be registered prior to the commencement of the workshop. Once payment is received, a confirmation will be emailed to you. Receipt of payment secures your place in the workshop. There are no makeup classes or refunds for missed classes. Refunds will not be given after the workshop has taken place. No refunds will be given the week of the event.