Hold your next meeting or event at Action Potential Lab

Please fill out and submit the form in the link below. Once received and reviewed, we will follow up by phone call.


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Action Potential Lab will offer the space at 451 Christie St. for meetings/events. Tariff minimum rental time is 1.5 hours at $150 thereafter time is added every 30 minutes at $50 per 30 minute. We will allow 15 minutes prior to your scheduled rental time for set up and 15 minutes after scheduled time for take down. This is so we can schedule our other appointments. A member of Action Potential Lab will be on the premises for security purposes during your event however, they will be out of your way. The price for renting the space includes table and chairs. The space is wi-fi accessible. Nothing can be affixed to the walls in the space as per Action Potential Lab’s agreement with the landlord. You must fill out and submit the Casual Rental Form at least 15 days prior to your meeting/event. You cannot conduct a different type of meeting/event from what was proposed to us. All bookings must be prepaid by cash or cheque a minimum of 15 days in advance, which is non-refundable if canceled after that time. Action Potential Lab reserves the right to deny any bookings prior to payment should the meeting/event proposed not be acceptable to us.