For the month of September, a hand-embroidered black-crowned night heron, northern mockingbird and common nighthawk are happy to greet you.  This beautiful cloth sculptures of local birds were created by Toronto-based artist Jessica Bromley Bartram.

Jessica is a graphic designer, illustrator, writer, artist, and embroidery enthusiast. She studied English and History at the University of Guelph and recently finished a degree in Graphic Design at OCAD. Currently working as a freelancer, she splits her time between design, illustration, and three-dimensional work in a variety of mediums. She works out of her home studio, which is filled to bursting with all kinds of different materials and media, including watercolours, embroidery thread, gouache, ink, and various fancy papers. Many of these analogue items show up in her work, bringing warmth and character to the things she creates and appealing to her constant desire for new artistic experiences. To contact Jessica about this work or with questions about commissions of any kind, you can email her at

Heron - $800
Common Nighthawk - $700