A party they'll never forget

You have a special event coming up and you want a memorable experience, the kind of event that employees brag about.  But how do you ensure that your party or team building event has that WOW factor and, more importantly, that “WHOA” factor?

Action Potential has your back with our amazing party packages.  From molecular gastronomy to painting with squid ink we have the event that they’ll be talking about year ‘round.

We are located in a beautiful 100 year old former pharmacy which is adorned with tin ceilings, wooden floors and original foil signage outside.  We are both ttc accessible and offer plenty of street parking. 


  • Molecular Gastronomy: Ice Cream Sundae Buffet
  • Mixology Lessons and Make Your Own Bitters
  • Screen Printing t-shirts with Thermochromic Dyes (dyes that change colour with heat)
  • Dissections of Cow Eyeballs
  • Dissections and Printmaking with Squid Ink
  • Science Olympics - series of science challenges
  • Tequila Painting - use water colours, Tequila, salt and lemons to create a masterpiece
  • Bath Bomb Making



- Ground floor unit
- 1000 sq ft
- Free street parking 10 am-11:59 pm
- Window views on Christie St. and Davenport Rd.
- Kitchen
- Washroom
- Free wifi
- Table + chairs                                 

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