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Squid Dissection
Mini Octopus-In-A-Jar
Print-Making with Squid Ink


Squids and octopuses are some of the most fascinating creatures on earth. They can swim at incredible speeds, spit ink, squeeze through the tiniest of holes, stick to things, and even unscrew jars! Fun Fact: you might not be sure if it's octopuses or octopi (the former is most correct) but one thing is for certain: you don't want to miss this hands-on workshop.

We will be dissecting whole squids and examining everything that makes them tick, from their tentacles to their suckers and everything in between.

To top it all off, we will be carefully removing the ink sack and creating one-of-a-kind prints using the ink as paint. Because everyone should get to cross off "painted with squid ink" from their bucket list.

After a thorough exploration of our eight-armed specimens, each attendee will receive a mini octopus to take home. Not for dinner, for science! Don't worry—we will be preserving it in a jar with special fluids first. It'll be the perfect addition to your bookshelf so register now before space is full.

*All specimens have been ethically sourced for educational purposes




451 Christie St. Toronto, ON. M6G 3C7

Saturday, October 1, 2016

7:00-9:30 PM (2.5 Hours)


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