Adult Workshop:
Taxidermy 101- Skeleton Articulation


Learn How to Better Articulate... Yourself!

Are you an artist or a crafty person who would like to learn a bit more about bones, skeletons, and how to articulate them? If you answered yes, then this is the workshop for you!

Join us for a comprehensive workshop where you will learn different methods from cleaning and whitening to how to find or create articulation hardware. Participants will have the chance to practice the techniques they learn on their own set of bones (species may vary), that they can take home.

Got a project that you are working on and need some advice? Bring it along!

IMPORTANT NOTE: All specimens are ethically sourced for educational purposes and may vary in colour. No animals have been killed for the the sole purpose of this workshop.

Meet Your Instructor

Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy is the brains behind Meddling with Nature, a business that he describes as being focused on the advancement of naturalism with a process oriented education approach. This includes photography, exhibitions and, most notably, taxidermy workshops and services.

The Kansas-native attended the Art Academy of Cincinnati, where he fostered a passion for medical illustration and human anatomy. His current work focuses on producing work with techniques and media that were used to depict the natural world in the Victorian Era; taxidermy, skeletal preparation, and functional education display apparatuses.

Find out more about Jeremy and his work HERE.


451 Christie St. Toronto, ON. M6G 3C7

Saturday, January 25th

6-9PM (3 hours)


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