Research League

At Action Potential Lab, we believe that problem solving techniques, comprehension, and creativity are best enhanced when we use both sides of the brain. Research League is one way that we are able to share this belief with your little ones.

This program is student-inquiry based, so each class curricular is co-created by its own students. From microbiology and DNA extractions to colour theory and Cézanne’s Still Life paintings, every week we learn a new branch of science fused with a new style of art and take home a creative project based on the day’s topic.

Past projects include (but DEFINITELY aren't limited to!):

  • Learning about mummification and preservation by creating your own sarcophagus and mummy out of a hot dog

  • Extracting DNA out of a strawberry and making it into a necklace

  • Discovering how a petri dish can transform into an artist’s canvas

Have your kid researcher enjoy science and art like never before!



$361.60 ($320 + HST)

451 Christie Street, Toronto, ON, M6G 3C7

April 1st to June 17th (10 weeks) 
*** No class on April 22nd and May 20th

4:00-5:30 PM

Kindergarten, Grades 1-4

What Action Potential Lab Provides
- all materials + supplies
- use of an APL lab coat

Feel free to email us with any other questions

How to Register

  1. Fill out our REGISTRATION FORM.

  2. Submit a payment using one of the options listed below.

Registration Payment Options

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  • Complete registration forms must be submitted with payments.

  • Once the registration form and payment has been received, we will send an email confirmation, letting you know that your child has been registered in our PA Day program.

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  • Students must be registered prior to the commencement of the first class.

  • Your child's spot is secured when payment has been received and the General Information Sheet has been fully completed and submitted. Students will not be able to participate in the activities if the student information form is missing or incomplete.

  • There are no makeups or refunds for missed classes.

  • Refunds will not be issued seven days prior to the first class.

  • Action Potential Ltd. reserves the right to cancel the class, should the class size fall below eight students.