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From analyzing the bones of different animal skeletons in Forensic Science to Drawing Robots that make pictures like Jackson Pollock, every week we learn a new branch of science fused with a new style of art and take home a creative project based on the day's topic. Action Potential Lab is Toronto's first laboratory dedicated to cross disciplinary education in the sciences and the arts. We believe that problem solving techniques, comprehension and creativity are most enhanced by using both sides of the brain. How to create sculptures out of play dough that are also electrical circuits that turn on light bulbs? Become a great researcher in these science + art classes and find out.

451 Christie St. Toronto, ON. M6G 3C7


4:00 - 5:30 PM

September 22 - December 1 (10 weeks)

Grades 1-6

What Action Potential Lab provides
- all materials + supplies
- use of personal lab coat
*option to purchase and take home at the end of the session 



How to Book

$300 + HST


Payments can be made by cash, e-transfer, Paypal  or cheque by visiting the lab, emailing or sending by mail.

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Action Potential Lab
451 Christie St.
Toronto, Ontario
M6G 3C7

How to Book

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Students must be registered 1 week prior to the commencement of the first class. Students will not be able to participate in the class until the General Information Sheet is filled out and submitted. Once payment is received, a confirmation will be emailed to you. Receipt of payment and General Information Sheet secures your child's place in the class. There are no makeup classes or refunds for missed classes. Refunds will not be given after the first class. Action Potential Lab reserves the right to cancel any event should group size be below eight clients.

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