Birthday Party Info

451 Christie St. Toronto, ON. M6G 3C7

Days + Times

10 am - 12 pm (2h) 
2 pm - 4 pm (2h) 

10 am - 12 pm (2h)
2 pm - 4 pm (2h) 

Limited dates available in July-August


Group Sizes
10 guests min.
16 guests max.

Party Packages

  • Classic Parties
    starts at $300

  • Specialty Parties
    starts at $350

  • Textile Parties                               starts at $400

What Action Potential Lab provides

  • Storage for food and drink in our kitchen and refrigerator

  • Birthday activity

  • Birthday decorations

  • Birthday invitations (emails or print)

  • Set-up and clean-up

  • Tea for your guests 

What you provide

  • food and drink (all nut free)

  • plates and cutlery





How to Book

Fill out "Book Now" form 

We will follow up to confirm and go over any questions and details about your party.

A non-refundable booking deposit must be made a minimum of 2 weeks in advance to reserve date and materials. If extra kids are added, payment can be made upon final confirmation email on the Monday before your party. No refunds for extra guest bookings or guests who do not show up. Birthday confirmation is contingent upon payment.

Party Themes

We have at least 4 party theme options per age group! We'll send those along once you have submitted the form.

Some Party Ideas
- Colourful Volcanoes
- Dinosaur Fossils and Paleontological Dig
- Potions
- Bottle Rockets                                             - Smelly Eruptions
+ Ask about many more options


Attention parents: looking for a pick-me-up coffee or a tasty treat? Check out Bob’s Coffee across the street from the lab.
Make sure to mention APL at purchase!


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We'll be in touch within 48 hours 

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Date Requesting (Saturdays/ Sundays Only)
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