Field Trip Permission *
involves traveling on the TTC and going to the ROM with Action Potential Lab staff

We've been offered an exciting opportunity for a possible day trip the Royal Ontario Museum during our July summer camps. 

We feel it would be a fantastic chance to have a fun and educational day of exploring the museums and taking part in special activities inspired by what we have learned outside of the lab. We would also we equipped with extra staff for that day, which would provide us with an excellent staff to student ratio. 

We would be travelling to and from the museums by TTC. There is a bus that leaves from outside of our lab, which would take us to the St. Clair West Subway stop, which then exits right outside of the museums. We will be returning to the lab by 4 pm the same way we left.

Please let us know if you would like to give permission for your child to take part in this fun day at the museum by filling out the short form below: