Class Description

Junior Researchers League: a weekly workshop where students interact and engage with living materials with an artistic outcome. In each session, students will learn a new technique in the first part of the class and have the second part of the class to put into practice what they have learned through hands-on engagement. By the end of class, students will have a project ready to take home.

Cost: 10 sessions, $20 per session, + $20 studio/ supply fee = $400 term enrolment

Class 1: If Cezanne was a biologist

Where drawing from life and biology meet. In this session, we will observe and then gather objects in nature and bring them into our studio. We will then observe them under a microscope and then translate what we see under a microscope into a mix-media collage.


Glue: $3.50 x 3 = $10.50

watercolour paint: $9.99 x 3 = 29.97

paint brushes: $11.99 x2 = $23.98

beads: $2.99 x3 = $8.97

food dye: $2.89 x2 = $5.78

petri dish : $3.73

materials from outside: $0


microscope: $419.99

projector: $550.00

watercolour paper roll: $179.99