In Lab Birthday PARTIES
THEMES for kids turning 2 OR 3



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Intergalactic Exploration is our fun, science-y way of saying "sensory play". We will have blocks, toys and a box of chalk available for the kiddos to decorate our large chalkboard wall. We will have small children's tables set up as stations. One table will be set up with crafts supplies for those kids that want to colour, craft, and construct.
Another table will be your choice of one of the three following activities:

A. Moon Rocks: Each child will get the chance to create their own moon rocks with play-dough by adding various food safe materials such as spices, food dyes and food safe scents in addition to craft materials such as sparkles and crystal gems stones. As a take away, each child will go home with their moon rocks set inside a inside their very own large plastic petri dish.

B. Space Potion: Each child will get the chance to create their own bottle of space potion. We’ll learn about density and see how things float or sink. The children will get the chance to fill their space potion bottles with different liquids along with fun materials such as sparkles, beads, googly eyes and coloured dyes. The results are eye catching and fun filled space bottles to take home and play with over and over again.

C. Interstellar Rainsticks: Each child will get the chance to create their own unique rainstick. This activity involves, filling their sticks with various food materials such as rice and beans and then decorating the outside with craft materials such as stickers, tape and crayons. Each child will take home their very own personalized musical instrument that is out of this world.