Eitz Chaim - Inventor Club Jr.

Winter Term 2018 - ALL NEW ACTIVITIES


Calling all kid inventors, designers and engineers - Do you like to know how things are made? Do you like to tinker, take things apart and build things with your hands? How would you like to make creations that move with motors, turn on light switches or sound off buzzers? If so, then this class is the right fit for you!

Inventors Club is all about using our hands and our brains to design brilliant, light-bulb worthy ideas. Together, over the semester, we’ll learn all about the world of inventors, designers, and engineers, and then become them ourselves. Using a variety of electronics, craft and recycled materials, each child will create prototypes, sketch ideas, build 3D models, and demo designs. Does Grandma hate walking the six blocks to buy her weekly scratch ticket? What if she had a jetpack? Our inventors will let their imagination fly free and go home with their invention to place proudly on their bookshelf!

Inventors Club is a fun and interactive class to encourage your child’s love of science, design and technology. We focus on introducing scientific subjects in a fun and kid-friendly way. Your child will increase their science literacy while improving their creative thinking. Empowering them to succeed in our ever more technology and information based world.

*** New this Semester *** Bring a NEW friend and get 10% off.
This discount applies when you bring a new student to the class who has not taken our program before.

$189 + HST

Gr. 1-3

Sunday, February 11, 2018 - Sunday, March 25, 2018 (7 weeks)

11 am - 12 pm

Eitz Chaim Day School, 1 Viewmount Ave., Toronto, ON, M6B 1T2

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Students must be registered prior to the commencement of the first class. Students will not be able to participate in the activities until the Information Form is filled out and submitted. Once payment is received, a confirmation will be emailed to you. Receipt of payment and Information Form secures your child's place in the program. There are no makeups or refunds for missed days. Refunds will not be given seven days prior to the first class. Action Potential Lab reserves the right to cancel any event should group size be below eight clients.