Business Values

Collaboration: information is best transmitted through multiple perspectives and transdiciplinary approaches. Problem solving through teamwork. No man is an island.

Unique: approach life in new and evolving ways.

Education: knowledge-sharing and skill-learning enhances us and the people around us.

Exploring: have the freedom to be curious, the support to ask questions, and the space to inquire.

Playful: go about receiving and perceiving the world with an openness, a light-heartedness and with humour. This process has been known to shrink big problems into manageable, bite-sized pieces.

Creative: thinking outside of the box with an artistic outcome.


Business Mission

Action Potential is Canada’s first workspace solely dedicated to bridging the gap between art and science. It is here where the practices of both fields interact and exchange by way of art classes, gallery exhibitions, research residencies, a design shop, lecture series, and various community outreach programs. At its nucleus, Action Potential is space, connecting the teachings and practices found in both art and science and then offering these finding back into the public sphere.


Concept of Venture

Action Potential is a creative hub that lies at the nexus between art and science. It is a laboratory, it is a studio residency, it is a gallery, it is a store, it is a meeting hub, and an art and research centre.


Tag Line

“Action Potential: Canada’s art & science space”

“Action Potential: an art & science space”

“Action Potential: All things art & science.”


Business Vision

- where art, science and education collide

- the nexus of art, science and education

- Canada’s art & science hub

- researchers and provocateurs welcome

5 W's

  • Why: the notion of art and science throughout history has shared a paralleled relationship, but in recent years, there has been a divide. Action Potential is dedicated to bridging the gap between the two fields so as to open up news ways of knowing and understanding the words around us.
  • What: a collaborative-model based on the scientific process. We view all projects and endeavours with an investigator’s lens. What makes us unique is that we really want to build upon the idea that art and science can both learn from each other. All projects and classes here encouraged to work at the intersect between these two fields.
  • Who: a space for researchers, for artists, scientists, academics, hobbyist, naturalists, designers
  • Where: Located in -----, Toronto, Action Potential is Canada’s first gallery solely dedicated to works made at the intersect of art and science.
  • Ages: 10-12, boys and girls
  • When: Saturdays 10 - 12 am, September - November 2012
  • Location: Action Potential Lab