Be a Kid Again

Sometimes it seems like kids get to have all the fun: light up sneakers, movies where dogs save the day, nap time. 

But what if you could have all the fun and excitement of being a kid for one special day with all your friends? 

Escape the everyday, book your birthday or bachelor/bachelorette party at our science and art fantasyland.

And it's so easy with our amazing party packages!  From Science Olympics to Painting with Squid Ink, we have the event that all your friends will be talking about year ‘round.

We are located in a beautiful 100 year old former pharmacy which is adorned with tin ceilings, wooden floors and original foil signage outside. We are both ttc accessible and offer plenty of street parking. 


  • Screen Printing with Thermochromic Dyes (colour changing dyes)
  • Molecular Gastronomy: make your own ice cream
  • Anatomy: Dissections of Cow Eyeballs
  • Biology: Printmaking with Squid Ink
  • Science Olympics
  • Custom themes



- Ground floor unit
- 1000 sq ft
- Free street parking 10 am-11:59 pm
- Window views on Christie St. and Davenport Rd.
- Kitchen
- Washroom
- Free wifi
- Table + chairs                                 

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